Thursday, April 22, 2010

Orang Asli Mission Trip - 20 & 21 March 2010

This 2D1N Orang Asli Mission Trip was not as tough as those mission trips that went deep in the valleys or at the mountain top yet it was full of challenges still. A group of us departed from Taman Sutera to the Orang Asli villages in Seremban. The team members were Choon Siang, Hup2, Yee Voon, ShuJing, LayHoon, Chris, Shan, Serene, Jack, ChinLee, Vincent, Wayne, Max, Marcus, Malcom and myself (SiewChing), most of us are from Perling Cell Group.

We visited 2 villages on the first day. When we reached the first village, we had no idea where and how to conduct the service as most of us were new to mission field. The hall used for service was very small, during praise and worship time, we could hear the adults singing Allah Bangkit and yet at the little corner, the children were singing Who Is The King Of the Jungle. No doubt it was distracting when both sides were singing different songs, the spirit of God is always with us, His presence was so strong that everyone was so joyful and was moved by His Spirit. Then, we continue the service with sermon preaching and some sharing.

At the children’s corner, we prepared some ice-breaking games to mingle with the kids and a lesson to assure them that Jesus will never leave us nor abandon us. We taught the lesson through letting the children searching for the missing ball which represented a lost sheep. At the end of the lesson, I was moved to tears when I saw the kids prayed and surrendered themselves to our Almighty God.

Communicating with the villagers in Malay language was indeed a big challenge to our team as most of us did not speak Malay for ages and a few of us could not even speak Malay at all! Thank God that the language was not a barrier for us to communicate with the villagers and we were glad to deliver God’s messages clearly to the adults and the children there.

As we were running out of time and in order for us to reach the second village on time to conduct the service, Pastor drove like a F1 racer! His driving skill was excellent and truly impressive! Although we were late for an hour, the villagers still welcomed us with their warmest smiles. I was impressed by their loving and forgiving attitude. We did a presentation of Tuhan Pasti Sanggup after the praise and worship session. Hup2 shared his sermon in Malay (wow!), it was really a great sharing and everyone enjoyed listening to all his cold jokes! On the other hand, the children were happy with the games and ballooning especially prepared for them.

I got a chance to talk to an old lady (the mother of the chairperson of that service), she shared with me that she serves God through attending and giving support to a cell group in Malacca every week. She was sick but she still insisted to drive to Malacca by herself for the sake of sharing good news to the others. She told me that she will continue to serve the Lord until the day that she is unable to do so. Her determination, commitment and faithfulness toward God truly touched my heart.

God is great! Initially we were worried as we were told to sleep in the aborigines’ house where all of us had to squeeze in a tiny room but out of our expectation, we were arranged to sleep in 2 rooms with air condition and the bathrooms come with water heater J God is our Jehovah Jireh, the Provider!

The next morning 6am, we continue our journey to the third village. It was my turn to share my testimony. I was not comfortable to share my personal experience in front of so many strangers. When I was about to share one of the most unpleasant experiences that I encountered, I did not have the courage to share it out and I wished to give it a pass… unexpectedly I heard God speaking to me, “do not be afraid to share My works on you, let your experience touch the hearts of the people just like how I have touched your heart.” Yeah, His Words struck my mind and I knew this was the purpose for God to send me here - to share his great works. How God led me through my previous unpleasant experience has helped me to grow stronger and closer to God.

We completed this mission trip after a visit to the fourth village. It was a fruitful trip as every one of us learned to share God’s great love to the villagers and overcome our weaknesses through the help of God. This mission trip experience has strengthened our faith to be God’s vessel in sharing His Good News. Let’s keep the villagers in our prayer that God will continue to watch over them and provide their daily needs and Holy Spirit will continue to move among them and help them to grow stronger in God each day. Pray also for the Pastor for wisdom to preach God’s messages to the people around Him and journey mercy each time he travels on the road to different villages.

Indeed, 'How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news' - isaiah 52:7

written by siewching.


ShuJing said...

Yeah...God is helping u, siew ching..another breakthrough for u ya...good job, keep it up!!! God is always with all of us...Jesus loves us!! :D

Marisete said...

God Bless!!! Very, very nice job! You will in mys oracions and your mision too.
kisses!!! I'm following this Blog!